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Digpro provides a range of professional services that maximize the return on your software and technology investment.

Professional Services

Digpro provides a range of professional services that maximize the return on your software and technology investment.

Our best-practice project methodology makes sure your new solution is up and running on time and within budget, with a high degree of transparency and control throughout the process.

Our delivery model and basic features in the software platform enable you to stay in control by allowing step-by-step adoption of new functionality and technology.

Our service staff includes project managers, technical engineers or consultants, business consultants, application consultants, geospatial data experts, and support and helpdesk staff.

We believe it is valuable to provide consultants who understand your needs and the specifics of your industry, and are eager to work as a member of your team. Reach out to us to find out more about how we can help you get the most out of your investment in Digpro software.

Easily Implement or Quickly Upgrade

Digpro offers rapid implementation of reliable, purpose-built industry solutions that improve the user experience and enhance operational efficiency.

We help utilities collaborate across departments, streamline operational processes, and achieve higher performance.

Our implementation concept enables you to customize the process via a phased, step-by-step deployment of new functionality and technology. This concept has been tuned and enhanced over many years, ensuring that your new Digpro solution will be up and running on time and within budget, with transparency and control throughout the process.

Continuous access to training materials and classroom training or tutorials via our digital learning materials provide your employees with role-based training that will rapidly enhance their skills and their ability to take full advantage of the system’s capabilities.

Project Implementation Process

The project manager assembles a team comprised of individuals with the specific skills and experience required for a successful implementation.

Working cooperatively with the customer’s designated manager/liaison, our project manager then manages the workflow, ensuring that all work is performed in compliance with our proven methodology and in accordance with the contract and agreed-upon expectations, resulting in on-schedule and on-budget completion.

The overlaying governance model relies on a steering group, including customer and Digpro sponsors. Regular project status meetings and routine reporting keep all parties informed about progress, potential risks, and possible deviations from the schedule or budget. Proactively identifying potential issues or stumbling blocks enables them to be resolved or removed.

The generic delivery model for large-project implementation typically consists of the following high-level milestones:
– M1 Start-up of project
– M2 Design completion or ready for implementation
– M3 Factory acceptance testing (System installed and basic configuration done)
– M4 Provisional acceptance testing (System ready for commissioning)
– M5 Commissioning (System Go live)
– M6 Acceptance of delivery

Software Support & Maintenance

Customers and partners can select the level of support and software maintenance services they require, from a full package to only basic services.

The most comprehensive services are provided with our Software Support and Maintenance services, which are provided on a yearly subscription basis.

Customers who subscribe to the Software Support and Maintenance services receive every product update and patch as well as technical support. Services offered include:

– Software Maintenance: Access to new releases and updates, service packs, and hot fixes or patches
– Customer Support Desk: Trouble shooting, error tracing, and correcting customer-specific issues
– Software Support Service-Level Agreement (SLA) – Service level select
– Support Web Portal
– Setup and upkeep of remote support dial-in connectivity or remote desktop sharing for troubleshooting issues
– Supplementary support services. Such as:
    – Application advisory service
    – Training sessions.

Continuous access to training materials, class room training sessions or remote e-learning sessions means that your employees can use role-based training to enhance their competence or for newly recruited staff to quickly become expert users of your Digpro system.

Our Digpro User Group Community gives customers and partners the opportunity to communicate and share ideas with each other and with Digpro to discuss issues of interest. As part of the User Group community we have advisory councils for several industries to give customers the chance to share their views with us on future trends and baseline requirements. The highly appreciated User Group Conference occurs once a year.

Network Information System

NIS, or Network Information System is supporting the business processes
throughout the entire lifecycle of the network.


Network Lifecycle Management

  • Plan

  • Design

  • Implement

  • Operate

  • Optimize

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