Our industry solutions include support for network planning, modeling, design, analysis, simulation, network operations, and network maintenance, providing robust automation of complex and mission-critical, network-based systems.


Regardless of whether you are involved in planning, operations, or maintenance – and whether you work with gas, electrical, heating & cooling, water, waste water, or fiber telecom networks –  Digpro provides a highly capable solution that is especially valuable in multi-utility applications.

Do you have OMS functionality or more specifically AMI status processing?
Yes, dpPower supports resolution of both unplanned and planned outages. More specifically dpPower records trouble calls and smart meter events, maintaining a real-time image of the currently active calls, smart meter events, and call-backs. Based on the time sequence and identified location of trouble calls and/or meter events, the outage location prediction engine estimates the most-probable location of the involved disconnecting device or outage location.
We operate an urban gas network? Do your software support gas?
Yes, please refer to the solution dpGas, a complete web-based asset documentation for gas distribution networks, including pipes, valves, gas mixers, regulation stations, tank stations, etc. Furthermore, topology enabling tracing and options for analyzing the network e.g. closest stop valve and affected customers a complete web-based asset documentation for district heating and cooling, and alarm and signal network, in a single product. Please contact us for a demo or more detailed info. Regards
I assume you refer to Common Information Model? Yes, the data model follows the international standard, CIM, a specification by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) for modeling the physical aspects of Energy Management System Information. In the implementation for dpPower, the data model has been enhanced with features not included in the standard, but which are required as a part of the system for Power Utilities.
Can you model so called DERs?
Yes, distributed energy resources such as rooftop solar power plant, wind power plants, and battery storage may be modeled in LV network and used in predictive load flow calculations on MV and LV networks.
What cyber security measures have you implemented into your software?
Defending your organization against cyber threats is a top Digpro concern. We ensure the highest possible levels of security for our software products, systems, and services through an in-depth, multi-layer protection strategy. However, to elaborate on this in more detail we kindly ask you to contact us directly, as this forum is not appropriate for such discussion. Sincerely, Digpro
We are thinking of presenting planned outages on our external website. Do your software support this?
Yes, as a web-based application, you can readily enable others to access selected geospatial maps and reports. This makes it possible to provide interested customers with insights into the utility or service you provide. You can extend your business processes to partners, large customers, and others, enhancing collaboration. Regulators can access relevant maps and data to ensure compliance.
We run a legacy GIS system. Is it possible to export data to dpPower, and is it easy?
Yes and yes, it is relatively easy. Geospatial network data from your legacy GIS or other data sources can be imported to the Digpro base platform using standard import procedures. The external data is extracted and transformed or converted based on business rules and data-model mapping methodology. The interface initially populates the Digpro platform database with all basic network and geospatial data. Where necessary, we can provide the needed technical support and services to migrate, transform, or shape existing geospatial data for use in your new systems. Please contact us for more info.
We run SAP. Have you integrated customer data or BOM data with this ERP system?
Yes, many times. Please contact us for more specific information on integrations. BR Digpro
Does your software run on Chrome browser?
The web clients require only a standard web browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. The Digpro main user-interface client runs on any operating system that supports Java, while Digpro’s purpose-built field apps can be used on any mobile device with an HTML5 browser.
What operating system do you recommend on the database server side?
The system is platform-independent and able to run on virtually any operating system, but is commonly run under RedHat Linux.
Have you integrated dpPower to any real-time SCADA system?
Yes, whether dpPower is used as a standalone application or integrated with third-party real-time SCADA systems or enterprise applications, Digpro’s Network Lifecycle Management System supports network planning, design, and operations as well as optimization and maintenance processes. Furthermore, Digpro applications recognize and support OPC as a main and critical standard, ensuring interoperability between different real-time data sources and assets. Please contact us for more specific info