About Us

Digpro was founded 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden. Our expansion accelerated as a result of a merger with a technology firm that was formerly part of global power-industry leader ABB (www.abb.com). We focus exclusively on development and implementation of distribution management and geospatial software.

Our technologies and applications provide data automation and overlaying digital intelligence that provides detailed geospatial maps showing all grid-connected resources. These maps provide a valuable visual tool that helps customers plan, design, and operate networks that are efficient and resilient.

During the early years, our attention was solely directed toward systems for electrical networks. It became clear, however, that our knowledge and accumulated competencies in this industry would be equally valuable in other industries. Gas, telecom, heating & cooling, and water & waste water industries share the same need to effectively manage big data and for accurate geographical representations of their network assets.

So today our products are used in a variety of industries, customized as needed to adapt them to each industry’s needs. We have become a market leader in Scandinavia and are proud of our reputation as a major innovator within the field of Geographic Information Systems and Distribution Management Systems. We are 100 % focused on product development, marketing, and implementation of mission-critical systems for complete network lifecycle management.

Our products include:
*   Distribution Management
*   Network Planning
*   Outage Management
*   Network Maintenance

GIS/NIS – Each of these product lines relies on our integral geospatial data (GIS) and network information system (NIS) platform as their foundation to provide comprehensive support for network planning and design.

We have offices in four locations in three countries, where our team of over 100 experts assist more than 120 customers across several continents. At our two research and development sites located in Sweden and Poland, Digpro product-development experts and our partners work together to enhance our products’ capabilities.

We continue to expand our global reach through relationships with existing and new technology partners, and our growing network of certified distributors/resellers. Please contact us if you are interested in exploring how you might become part of our growing worldwide presence.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are fundamental to Digpro’s business activities and operations.
Everything we do affects our immediate surroundings in some way. We are responsible for our business activities and for the impact we have on the environment and on human beings. Our customers have demanding standards and we know that these also include assuming our responsibility as a company.

We work purposefully to integrate corporate social responsibility, or corporate Responsibility, within our business and as part of our daily activities. This includes responsibility both from an economic, environmental and social perspective, such as work for improved working conditions in our software factory and in our delivery projects, ethical issues, the approach to human rights and regarding the environment. These issues are fundamental to all Digpro activities.

For more information please download our Sustainability and Code of Conduct Policy.

Digpro is rated AAA company by Bisnode
The AAA certificate verifies reliability, credibility and minimum risk in the cooperation with the certified company. The Bisnode AAA certification is a prestigious independent certification of companies with a history back to 1908. Companies can acquire the AAA certificate if:

  • *   company clear of debts, neither in bankruptcy nor in liquidation of company
  • *   company with no overdue liabilities more than 30 days according to the monitoring of payment behaviour
  • *   company with adequate score rating depending on the certificate version
  • *   legal entity paying VAT
  • *   company with duly published statements financial
  • *   company of shareholder’s capital minimum equal to the amount of guarantee capital

What we do

Digpro - about us
Enhancing Network Management and Visualization
Digpro offers an integrated, highly scalable, and robust enterprise software solution for complete network lifecycle management. By enabling management and visualization of grid-connected assets – detailed and located on purpose-built, geospatial network maps – it improves situational awareness and supports your key business processes. This includes enhanced analysis, network design and planning, operations, maintenance, field crew assignments, and much more.
We are solving demanding business needs
Network asset owners and grid operators increasingly demand applications that combine wide-ranging functionality with in-depth network awareness. Digpro meets these needs in a variety of applications. It is currently operating successfully in industry segments that include electricity, gas, telecom, heating & cooling, and water & waste water. However, Digpro can be successfully deployed in almost any application that involves a variety of complex networks.
Our software
The Digpro baseline software was designed and developed in tight collaboration with our customers and partners. Their input ensures the real-world value of our software and helps users plan, design, and operate their networks in a safe and reliable manner, and at the highest possible levels of efficiency and performance.


Digpro - certification
Digpro - certification