Network Lifecycle Management,
together with embedded GIS, in one coherent software architecture



dpCom is a geographic information system that puts your telecom network on the map. Incorporating comprehensive and modern GIS functionality, dpCom is a fully web-based asset register, including advanced position maps,  schematic diagrams, topologies and asset data.



dpPower offers an integrated, highly scalable, and robust enterprise software solution for complete network lifecycle management of your electrical network. By enabling management and visualization of grid-connected assets – detailed and located on purpose-built, geospatial network maps – it improves situational awareness and supports your key business processes. This includes enhanced analysis, network design and planning, operations, maintenance, field crew assignments, and much more.

Smart solutions for your sector

Continually finding innovative ways to solve problems is central to our business.
Our solutions offers a completely new way of managing networks,
this by focusing on fact the the network is best visualized through
maps and schematics.

Digpro - Multi-utilities


Public or private Muti-Utilities that in addition to electricity and/or telecom provides with gas and water networks may benefit from Digpro’s scalable common platform. Our common spatial platform makes it easy to add support for additional networks. One spatial platform supporting several networks.

Digpro - Smart Cities

Smart Cities

The objective of a smart city is to use digital  technology and communication to optimize the usage of resources such as energy, water, and infrastructure. Digpro is providing the smart city networks with lifecycle management support visualized through maps and schematics with active asset registers with advanced topological functionalities.


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